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our shasta

1963 Shasta

traveling food truck!

Welcome to our Superfood Shasta - Linda!

This 1963 gem was found in a small town in Southern Illinois in the Spring of 2017. My dad and I (Emma) spent over 2 years refurbishing her back into her young self, and took a slight spin on things by adding a certified kitchen inside so that we could use her to bring you something good! Linda was named after her previous owner, who raised her kids traveling the states in this very same camper. We are honored to be giving Linda a second chance to see the world, this time serving açaí bowls the way they're enjoyed by those who harvest the berries - the pure, authentic, Brazilian way!


From Illinois..

where it started!

Just BEE Açaí first began is a small town in

Central Illinois back in the Fall of 2019! She was born out of a personal season of hitting rock bottom, getting back up, discovering the light of life, and wanting to share that joy with others through what organically brings people together - FOOD! Being a special education teacher by trade, I had zero experience in the food or business world, so starting Just BEE was truly a journey of Faith. Flash forward two years later, and it's now safe to say that the people of Central IL have found a serious love for açaí! In the Spring of 2022, we launched a storefront on the University of Illinois campus that is being run by my parents and siblings, who have been a

big part of the journey since day one!


..To Idaho!

where it's going!

As for myself, I am healthier than ever and

recently got married to my now husband, Tony (aka,

The Tony Cannoli - find him on Instagram/Facebook!) We have decided to make the Treasure Valley of Idaho home for our family, and have brought Linda with us! Both being entrepreneurs with food carts, you'll find us helping each other out in the kitchen and behind our serve counters at local farmers' markets, special events, breweries, wineries, weddings, you name it! Navigate on over to the "Schedule" page to see where you can find the Just BEE Açaí 

Shasta - we'd love to meet and make you an

açaí bowl unlike any that you've ever

had before soon!

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