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~ Macronutrients ~

Interested in the calories of your favorite bowl? Click below for the full chart of macronutrients for each our signature topping combinations and bases for all three size options. Simply add the values for which size base you get with the toppings information for the full nutritional value. If you order a BEE Unique and are interested in seeing those macros, please email us at justbeeaçaí ~ we will put together an individualized nutrition label for you so that you can see exactly what you are consuming!

~ Storage of Items ~

Order an bulk items as a part of our at-home-kit offerings, or maybe stop by the Shasta to stalk up on pre-made bowls for the week? Here is how everything should be stored! 

Açaí, Blue Majik, Pitaya: Freezer ~ allow portioned out amount to soften for about 30 minutes before digging in to allow the frozen base to temper to that perfect thick smoothie or soft sorbet consistency. The fullest flavor will NOT come out if you eat it straight out of the freezer ~ this step is key to a beautiful bowl! 

Chia Seed Pudding, Overnight Oats: Refrigerator ~ eat within three days of receiving. 

Nolas, Superfood Toppings: Room temperature ~ be sure to keep in air tight containers to maintain freshness.

Drizzles: Room temperature ~ do not keep in the refrigerator if you are looking for that satisfying drizzle. Due to the coconut oil in the nut butters and the nature of honey, they will all get really hard if kept at low temps, making it difficult to apply an even layer to your bowl. 

~ Food Preparation & Allergies ~

All of the bulk ingredients being delivered on Fridays with the in-home-kit supplies are being packaged

within our certified kitchen space. This facility does contain nuts and gluten, however precautions are taken to avoid cross contamination when preparing orders. If you have an allergy, we ask that you always make

us aware and use your best judgment call when choosing to place an order knowing that said

ingredients are used in the facility. 

Our Original and Cacao Sea Salt Nolas are both made a the lovely local Central Illinois Bakehouse. They prepare a fresh batch of granola each week using our original recipes. Again, although our Nolas are nut-free, they are prepared in a facility that does contain nuts, so please be sure to make your best judgement call when deciding to order. Please contact the Bakehouse directly at 217-359-6114 if you have any further questions

regarding how the granola is being handled when in their facility. 



Various locations around

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Check our social media pages for a weekly schedule of hours and locations!


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Check our social media pages for a weekly schedule of hours and locations! 


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