Just bee açaí


Acts 4:29-31

~ Our Story ~

100% Organic and True!

~ Hello! ~

My name is Emma Reinbold, creator and owner of Just BEE Açaî! To be completely open and honest with you right here from the start of our journey together, just the action of spelling out those words and having the opportunity to write out my story for you in this moment seems absolutely surreal to me ~ Like is this real life? Is this really happening?? Yes, yes, YES to it all! And I could not be more giddy to finally start sharing this long kept secret of a dream of mine and finally start living it out as my true reality!

So, you may be wondering ~ What is Just BEE then? And why am I here focusing all of my attention on this instead of out using my degree that was SO important to have just five years ago? Well, basically, I'm just being your typical avocado-eating, brand-building millennial rebelling against societal norms to finally do what makes me happy and just embracing ME! But no really, to be honest, this entire past year of my life was a total wake up call in terms of how I have been living my life for the past twenty years. To sum it up in hopes that some can relate, I have always been VERY controlled by my lovely perfectionist personality ~ from needing everything to be planned out to a T (even as far out as the next ten years.. like how unrealistic??), to putting unbearable amounts of pressure on myself to do everything to the highest level of standards, to even wanting to please others so much that I would put their needs before my own at times.. 


So sure, maybe we don’t share the exact same story ~ but what we all do have in common is that we’ve each been through experiences in life that have shaped us into the person who we are today. I believe wholeheartedly that the creator of all things above has put the each of us through situations for a reason (not just for kicks and giggles, am I right?!). For a long time, I took these experiences that were intentionally placed in my path to be used as learning opportunities, and instead hid them behind layers and layers of other things (actions, character flaws, etc.) in attempt to ignore them.

If you’re reading this and thinking that it all sounds way too familiar, then I encourage you to take a step back and hear me out for just a moment ~ I can testify with nothing but my honest heart that hiding all of these stories only takes us many steps back in the journey of discovering our true self, and for that it is time to STOP hiding! After hitting what I consider my rock bottom, I began to live life with a totally reframed mindset and it has not changed who I am, but brought out my TRUE self that had been hidden behind all of that clutter for all too long.


Today, I live a life of purpose ~ a life where I am intentional about every step taken and every word spoke. I was stubborn for all too long in trying to determine my own paths, but thankfully my Lord and Savior came down and slapped me hard in the face to knock some sense into me! Giving everything that I am completely over to Him not only turned on the light down the path of living a life OF purpose, but living a life FOR his purpose. I’ll be real guys, I’m not here to preach, but at the same time I guess I am because that it clearly what he’s doing through me as I’m writing this! This action of giving everything up has been the most freeing experience of my life ~ I am now ME and you are currently seeing the results of me embracing all of these quirky interests of mine! Now give up on trying to please others by being “perfect” or living the most “successful” life ~ just BEE YOU and all that you are! That right there is perfection in itself.


Now, back to business, and THE business for that matter! Time to lay it all out ~ Just BEE Açaî! is my baby. She is a vintage 1963 Shasta Compact Camper that was loved on my dad for over a year as he restored it into mobile food “truck” (but we all know that a camper is way classier..!) Launched Summer 2019, this beauty is now being pulled all around Central Illinois providing customers with both nutrient-rich food options and, more importantly, positive mindsets to help fuel their body as their on-the-go trying to keep up with this crazy adventure that we call life!

The menu is inspired by açaí bowls ~ 100% organic, Amazon-native, and nutrient-rich açaí berries are blended into a thick smoothie consistency, filled into a deep bowl, and then topped with your favorite fresh fruits, homemade granola, superfoods (coconut flakes, cacao nibs, chia seeds, hemp hearts, bee pollen, nut butters, etc.) and a signature honey drizzle (hence the "Bee")! This wholesome meal option can also serve as a wonderful post-workout energy boost, breakfast/lunch/dinner, refreshing summer treat, and just an overall good decision at any time for pretty much any reason! Our menu also includes a line of loaded healthy-fat toasts (yes ~ avocado toast is on the selection for you millennials!), as well as warm hearty oatmeal bowls that are topped the same was as our açaí selection. 


Just BEE Açaî also has a goal to partner with other local makers, bakers, entrepreneurs, artists  (you name it, we'll likely do it) wherever and whenever possible in order to ensure that you as a customer are being sourced with the highest quality ingredients that we can get our hands on, as well as being exposed to the endless local talents that our community has to offer! Our mentality is why not grow up through this journey together as one ~ we each have our own network of people and unique gifts to offer, so we're here to embrace that! Are you an entrepreneur yourself? PLEASE reach out ~ we'd love to connect with you over coffee and açaí bowls sometime! 

And last but certainly not least, aside from our physical menu, we also have a hidden menu that might intrigue you more if you're not in the market for health-conscious, on-the-go meal options at the moment. As I mentioned earlier, Just BEE not only offers food, but also positive mindsets to motivate you to live YOUR best life possible. So, my hope is that when you leave this site or hear people talking about this new concept that I've just laid out for you, that you are encouraged to bee YOU, bee INSPIRED, bee OPTIMISTIC, bee INCLUSIVE, bee LOVING, bee STRONG, bee GENEROUS and most importantly ~ bee BOLD by sharing your story and spreading your unique way to influence someone else around you today!!

~ Much love, Emma ~